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Simple House in 3ds Max Tutorial

Hello Guys. Another Fast and easy tutorial for 3ds max beginners.
Lets Started!

1. Firstly we create a Box from Standard Primitives

2. Copy values from a screen

3. Click right mouse button on box and choose Convert to Editable Poly

4. Then select 2 vertexes like in picture and move it up

5. Now select two faces. It will be base for our roof

6. Click right mouse button and find Bevel. Copy values from picture and choose Apply

7. Now set 0,2m Height

8. Select this one face, go down a list and Deselect any Polygon Smooth Group

9. Create new box with value like in picture and convert to Editable Poly

10. Then select top face and bevel it.

11. With this values and click apply

12. Set 0,18m Height and click OK.

13. Move our chimney on roof

14. Now we create stairs. Do this box from picture

15. Convert it to Editable Poly and bevel this face

16. Now we make windows for our house. Select this faces and bevel it

17. Copy values from picture and set options – By Polygon

18. Move vertexes and create shape like in a screen

19. Bevel this faces and click apply

20. Rewrite amounts from picture

21. Create new box

22. And copy it to second window

23. Select this edges

24. And choose Connect

25. With this values. Next click apply

26. Copy values and click OK

27. Move vertexes like in a picture

28. Select this faces and choose Bevel

29. Copy Height, click Apply

30. And copy Outline Amount. Click Aplly

31. Now once again copy Height. Click OK

32. Make this box for our door

33. And this

34. Insert new boxes for our new windows like in picture

35. Finally efect.

Rim modeling tutorial

Hello Friends.

This is my first tutorial. I hope you like it. In this tutorial I will show you how to create simple car rim 3d model.
We are going to us 3ds max 2010. Let’s begin!

1.  Firstly we change our units. To this end we click on a Customize and Units Setup

2. Choose Metric and click OK

3. Now create a Cylinder from Standard Primitives

4. Change value like in a picture

5. Click right mouse button and choose Convert to Editable Poly

6. Select faces like in this picture

7. Click right mouse button and choose Bevel

8. Copy value and choose apply

9. Copy once again, but now click OK

10. Use Move tool (Hotkey “W”) and shift down selected faces

11. Select this faces and delete this by Delete button

12. Choose faces like in this picture, click right mouse button and Bevel

13. Copy value from picture and apply

14. Copy and apply once again

15. Copy once again and click OK

16. Now we create hole for screw. To this end select Vertexes, click right mouse button and choose Chamfer.

17. Then we have Dialog Box with chamfer value. Set 0,013m and click OK button.

18. Select new faces and choose Bevel.

19. Copy value and click OK.

20. Select edge like in picture and chamfer this for sharp shape in this place

21. Select middle edge, click right mouse button and Connect

22. Set Side for 75

23. Spread this list and find TurboSmooth

24. Next create new Tube from Primitives with value from picture

25. Select our wheel, find Attach and click on new Tube

26. Chamfer this edge

27. Copy value and choose OK

28. Once again create Tube from primitives with value from picture

29. Convert this to Editable Poly

30. Chamfer selected edges

31. Select outside faces and scale down by Scale tool ( Hotkey “R”)

32. Chamfer this edges

33. Select wheel and attach new Tube