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Tire Tutorial

So We already created Rim. We need a tire to be 100% happy 🙂

Lets begin of creating 3d model.

1. To make a tire firstly we need to create plane

2. Create plane with similar parameters like in a picture

3. Now convert to Editable Poly by clicking right mouse button on our plane and choose this option from list. Now move down side edges

4. Click “Cut” button for cut shape which we next to extrude

5. Something like this

6. Now deselect Edge selection

7. And choose Symmetry from modifiers list

8. Tick “Y” mirror axis and Flip

9. Select faces like in a picture

10. Click right mouse button on it and choose little window next to Extrude

11. Copy value and click OK

12. Delete this faces by Delete button on keyboard

13. Move left this edges

14. Select this middle edges

15. And choose Connect from tools list

16. Copy value

17. Select this side edges

18. And Chamfer on it for more sharpen shape in this place

19. With this value

20. Select this 10 vertexes

21. And click weld

22. With 1,2m

23. Once again Convert to Editable Poly

24. Select our slice of tire and copy it by holding shift and moving left. One slice must be end where next slice have beginning of shape. Do it with particular care. Set 40 Number of Copies

25. Select first slice and click window near Attach.

26. Select all planes

27. Click Vertex selection and Ctrl+a

28. Choose Weld from list tools list

29. Next Weld with this value

30. Now find Bend from modifier list

31. Copy value from screen

32. Switch to Vertex Selection and click Ctrl+a then weld it with values from picture

33. Click Border selection and select side edges

34. Make this shape by edge selection and scale down by scale tool (hotkey “R”) with holding Shift

35. Finally add TurboSmooth from modifier list


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